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воскресенье, 6 ноября 2011 г.


Having carefully examined a number of classic movies, and modeled the effects of different pandemics, scientists from the University of Ottawa came to a disappointing conclusion that civilization faces imminent death.
As a validation of these findings leads "Top 10 best films about zombies"
Night of the Living Dead - 1968
Directed by George Romero (George A Romero)
Barbara and her brother Johnny arrive at the cemetery to visit his mother's grave. To their horror, from the ground suddenly climbed the dead, which Johnny bitten.
Barbara managed to take refuge in a nearby mansion, where get a few more people. Unhappy people barrikadiruet mansion, which stormed the hundreds of zombies. All of them are at the center of mystical events.

Dellamorte Dellamor - 1994
Directed by: Michael Soave (Michele Soavi)
This is a very black comedy horror hero that runs the cemetery, along with thick crazy assistant.
The cemetery is not simple. Within seven days of the dead come to life, get out of their graves and strive to someone to eat.
The only way to stop them - is to split his head with a shovel or a pick or just shoot the head with a pistol.
The protagonist fell in love with one of those deceased.
The film is not for the faint of heart.

Dawn of the Dead (Dawn of the Dead) - 1978

Directed by George Romero (George A Romero)

Zombie nightmare that began in the movie Night of the Living Dead, continues.
Have escaped the horror of the dead in a helicopter, four travelers are forced to land on the roof of a supermarket. There they find food, shelter and trouble. Multi-storey shop from top to bottom beaten silly walking corpses.
People are having fun shooting the dead, not knowing that just a few hours one of them will be those who are so easily killed - carnivorous zombies, and later the store was coming gang thugs that do not distinguish between living and dead, and only desire which is greed and violence.

Army of Darkness (Army of Darkness) - 1992

This is the third film in the series of comedy horror film director Sam Raimi (Sam Raimi) about Evil Dead.

Staff will Ash (Bruce Campbell) is the will of magical forces in the XIII century.
There's a guy gets to the castle from evil spirits, which he must not only fight the army of the dead, but also to find the Book of the Dead, in which his only salvation.

28 DAYS LATER (28 Days Later) - 2002
Directed by Danny Boyle (Danny Boyle)

The film 28 days later - this is the original post-apocalyptic horror of the events that occurred 28 days after England struck the virus that causes insanity and bloodlust.

Shaun of the Dead - 2004

Shaun of the Dead - the film is a parody. Like any other parody it contains lots of links to other films and filmmakers.

When Sean Leafs directory, it finds the restaurant Fulci, coinciding with the name of the creator of "Zombie" Lucio Fulci.
The girl-zombie characters that meet in the back yard, working in a supermarket Landis, which coincides with the name of the director, snyavshego "American verfolfa in London."
Naturally, the film contains references to the "Evil Dead 3" and "28 Days Later" and "Night of the Living Dead", and many other films.
This film has many rewards.
· The best horror film of 2005 - Academy Award horror, science fiction and fantasy.
· Bram Stoker Award in 2005 - for the screenplay (Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright).
· Award British Independent Film Awards 2004 for Best Screenplay.
· Award Empire Awards, UK in 2005 as the best British horror film, as well as the prize of the International Guild of Horrors.

Braindead - 1992

Director: Peter Jackson

Events taking place in 1957. On the island of Sumatra exported monkey, because one bite of which the natives cut off the zoologist, who had come to catch her, both hands and then his head.
Even in our time, this creature has bitten a vicious mother of our hero, who gives him to meet my girlfriend.
The consequences of the bite are terrible, terrible picture gradually inhabit the zombies ...

Bio Zombie - 1998

Directed by: Wilson Whip (Wilson Yip)

Woody and his friend Bee working in the shop, which sells video games. Once on the road, they accidentally knocked the young man. Friends put their dying in the trunk of his car and taken to the shop
But the point is that the injured worker was a secret military laboratory, worked to create the perfect soldier.
Moreover, in his bag was lemonade with a chemical substance that is spilled during the accident.
And soon a terrible virus appears in the city, all the inhabitants of which turn into voracious zombies.

Evil Dead II - 1987

Directed by Sam Raimi (Sam Raimi)

Ash and his girlfriend Linda come in a little house, lost in the woods, to a romantic time. There's one of the rooms they found a tape recording of the book Necronomicon (Book of the Dead). Run the tape, they hear a strange spell, and in the forest at this time has awakened an evil spirit, which turned into a demon ... Linda

White Zombie - 1932
Directed by Victor Halperin (Victor Halperin)
Neil Young travelers and Madeleine arrived in Haiti, stay with Monsieur Beaumont, whom he met on the ship.
Beaumont ulterior motive, invited them to himself, he is in love with Madeleine, and in return offers her groom their eternal love.
Girl rejects him and then he decided on the extreme step - refers to the Commander of the zombie to help him win the Madeleine.
That gives him a special potion, which pretended to kill her soon after her marriage to Neil, and some time after the burial alive.
Madeleine joined the army of zombies that inhabit the island
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понедельник, 4 июля 2011 г.

Repair of refrigerators

First and foremost, I would like to note several important features that set us apart from our competitors. So why should you apply it to us: 
  1. Our master will come to you in an hour after you have applied 
  2. Repair any of you have done at home in Moscow 
  3. All of our masters - highly qualified specialists in repairing refrigerators, Samsung Stinol, Atlanta, Samsung, and other Vestfrost 
  4. We use only original quality parts 
  5. On all types of work and replacement parts are warranted 
  6. There are no surcharges for urgency or weekends 
  7. Calling master - free 
Imagine life without a refrigerator is very difficult. No other unit of the appliance does not matter all that much in our lives, as this giant kitchen. Therefore, once the fridge breaks down or starts to act up just, we quickly fall into a panic. However, this needs to be done.Just in time to call the master, and all problems solved. Fortunately, the repair is carried out exclusively competent experts who quickly and efficiently cope with any problem.
Repair of refrigerators at home we do quickly with a guarantee of service refrigeration equipment. Any repair your refrigerator will be performed at a convenient time. In principle, such work can be done non-professional, but must be very careful because you risk not only does not fix the damage, but also do harm. Is complicated due to the fact that the technique capricious, and therefore any inaccurate movement threatens you even more serious damage. Therefore, it is best left to a qualified technician. Especially because these experts is - and this is our company. If you decide to repair the refrigerator in Moscow, we will be happy to help. We carry out work at home and ready to come in every district of the capital in order to provide first aid to your broken appliances.
Repair refrigerator at all - it's a difficult process that requires specific knowledge and skills. It is important that it served as an experienced master who knows the features of all types of refrigerating equipment and can recognize some of the basic fault. After repair of refrigerators Stinol and, say, Atlanta has a big difference, which is taken into account. Each company makes refrigerators special, so if Vestfrost, for example, you do not have a problem, it does not mean that Samsung will be the same for you easy.Qualitatively, we make repairs of refrigerators with a warranty on refrigeration equipment. For us, a simple task will be repairing refrigerators at home. Call us. After all, if you want your fridge repaired quickly and efficiently, you should contact us. Nobody does it better in Moscow than we do. Moreover, we provide a home that is always comfortable for the client.
Repair refrigerator at home
Deal with them in Moscow many firms. But we suggest that you request it to us and are confident that using our services, you will advise us to their friends and relatives.Because the work we have always performed only by professional staff who quickly and efficiently cope with breakdowns of any kind. Another plus - it's comfortable at home.Imagine that the repairs will be done in a specialized center. To do this you would need to transport this volume unit in service salon that takes time and causes additional expenses. Here you get professional help at home, which reduces costs and speeds up the process.
This concludes our advantages do not end there. When we undertake the work, we use only the highest quality and original spare parts, which are long and work just the same as those that stood before. Thus, our result is really high quality, and you do not have to call a repair crew in a couple of weeks of operation repaired the refrigerator. So, if you are repairing refrigerators Atlanta, then spare parts and used only by Atlanta. If any repairs refrigerators Vestfrost, we take parts from the company Vestfrost. For this reason, repair Samsung, Vestfrost, Stinol, Atlanta or other well-known brands, we are always high quality and durable. Lest you doubt, we give a guarantee for all brands. Do you still doubt that the repair of our specialists can be short-lived? Nothing! After all, we really are the best!
Refrigerator is so important in our lives that repair the refrigerator should always be done very, very quickly. Our experts will go to a place within an hour after application.Thus, you should just give us a call and an hour later a qualified technician to carry out repairs Vestfrost or Samsung. Moreover, we are working even on weekends and public holidays, without the need for this co-payments or premiums. Our company understands that this is an important and urgent repairs, so happy to work for your comfort at any time without a weekend break. In addition, we have it all starts with the masters of free consultation. You do not need to pay extra - you pay only for the work itself and nothing else.
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суббота, 2 июля 2011 г.

Bosch KGS 39Z25 refrigerator review

General characteristics
Type Refrigerator with freezer
Location detached
Location freezer from below
Color / Material cover white / color
Management e
Energy consumption Class A + (343 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 2
Coolant R600a (isobutane)
Number of Cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x65x200 cm
Stand-alone cold preservation up to 22 hours
Freezing Capacity up to 8.5 kg / cutki
Additional features superohlazhdenie, superzamorozka, temperature display
Total volume 348 l
Cooling chamber volume 257 l
Freezer Volume 91 l
Other functions and features
Shelves glass
Ability pereveshivaniya doors there is

Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: everything!
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: no.
Comment: The Bosch machines I sat down after buying a washing machine, though this time a bit embarrassed by the Russian assembly cooler, but still sort of pooh-pooh complaints. Works really quiet, as stated by the seller, virtually silent, certainly won over the presence of two compressors for refrigeration and freezer, refrigerator holds up very well, defrost - drip system in the refrigeration compartment and hand in the freezer, simple operation. Very hot metal grill behind the refrigerator, which should be considered when setting it up against the wall, a large single drawer for vegetables, which is why many users feel uncomfortable, I carry an advantage because they do not have to take turns to nominate a single branch, then another, and discover once all the vegetables in front of his eyes, a great variety of hinged shelves that are no longer needed can be removed at the back of the refrigerator compartment (inside), a thin layer of frost, as it should be, scrape it does not need large freezing until observed, when you install do not be lazy even cooler on the floor by the front screw legs, otherwise it will be much buzz. In the freezer 2 large and one small drawer, pull out all that is very convenient. Unlike other manufacturers of any new odor of plastic or rubber from the refrigerator was not that pleased, too, as evidence of good quality materials. Acquired fridge is fully consistent with the stated characteristics to it. I think in terms of price and quality of this refrigerator out of competition. Of all the models in a store salesman advised as soon as it is this honest, though there were more expensive models! With regard to the frost know, something from her I refused deliberately, because it takes a lot of useful volume of the refrigerator, electricity consumption increased, and almost all of Europe had to give up. For fans of tweeters to announce that the open door of the signal is not present, and in my opinion is not needed! 
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: fridge is very quiet. At first, the habit, came - were sizing, listened to him that would understand - it works or not. When the refrigerator starts to work, it becomes easy murmuring sound, which you lose when to depart from it in several steps. Bosch dishwasher makes much more tangible sounds, rather than a refrigerator. By virtue of the size of our kitchen and want to cram it maybe more necessary equipment, fridge in the kitchen do not fit - is in a niche in the hallway near the bedroom. We sleep fine. 
VERY big.
 When choosing a refrigerator, one of them the dominant factors - the size was, my husband had dreamed of a large refrigerator, a reserve. Now suffering - how much money do I need that to beat him to the eyeballs. Two-week supply of provisions Hashanah he eats a light and yet still manages to be filled with a 2 \ 3 of its volume. 
Danfosovskie compressors.
 As said, the delivery service, the price of these compressors, such that interesting - for what difference does the rest of the refrigerator.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: In the first month of broken squeaker (open-door detector). Actually, we were not upset. Masters of service called for conscience 'sake and for the company for the oven, he looked up and said that this slight defect which does not affect the operation of the refrigerator. Did not fix whatever to deprive themselves of "guerrilla" attacks in the fridge). Apparently, my husband is very active in pressing it in the first days ...
Comment: In many feedback sounds that St. Petersburg's assembly has led to a significant reduction in build quality. The theme for reflection. We have in the kitchen all appliances t.m.Bosch (not on purpose, something like that happened). Fridge - the sole representative of the Russian assembly. But, the built-in oven - most that eat real German, collected in the native plant, native hands and under the control of the native German management and teh.sluzhb. The cabinet is the most successful model within the corporate rating (Bosch, Siemens, Neff), and is considered one of the best in the overall rankings. But this is the oven with vertical takeoff and its stunning quality guarantee of reliability caught us with factory defects. And that would fix the damage we've been waiting 2 months, that would have brought home part of Germany, because they do not exist in Russia at the factory. I'm not trying to protect domestic plant now, but production and EC does not guarantee anyone a 100% guarantee of efficiency of household appliances.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Virtually noiseless. 2 compressors. Assembly level, quality of materials used as well. Big, really big fridge, will fit all.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: They are not.
Comment: Refrigerator fully satisfied, it fits perfectly in the interior, carries out all its functions exactly as it should and thus has an adequate price.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: fridge is very quiet, good build quality, clear controls, without any unnecessary bells and whistles, the class of consumer electrical znershgii A +. Assembling the Saint - Petersburg, + compressors made ​​in slovenia (not China as some models Bosch, so he and quiet), generally happy with your purchase. It remains the test of time I hope he will pass it.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: At the top of the control panel on the left a small gap, in other stocks did not notice.
Comment: I bought from someone (works manager) in the store, he has the same home is worth, said over the denigi better not be found.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: set. Key: perfect ergonomics and design, comfortable handle, roomy, and nothing more, good shelf, easy to clean, freezes well, freezer, just super, not noisy, just a soft hiss sometimes
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: solid bottom shelf, which is inconvenient when loaded.
Comment: I took in 2008. Beautiful unlike odnokompressornogo the same, which publishes the metallic ringing. Danfoss compressors are here. Quiet, almost silent, below 45 decibels just speak! 
Refrigerator is their 27tys.
Just perfect for you!
 (As opposed to those with a Chinese compressor)
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Very quiet, practical, but glad that no-frost as it dries the fruit, the shelves are comfortable, nothing freezes. Two compressors (although why two long neponyal can understand while defrosting).
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Inconvenient box for vegetables! division in him uncomfortable and to pull out is not very convenient for me to handle better with a vertical mount so it would be more convenient.
Comment: Buying dovvolen, before buying all komenty climbed, although the model suggested companion.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: 2 compressors, can be individually set the temperature of the refrigerator and defrost if morozilku.Takzhe refrigeration unit will rabotat.Kompressory Danfoss (Slovenia) said, excellent quality video. 
Very vmestitelnyy.Tihy when the compressor-heard a faint buzzing in the rest of the silent:)
No beeps when the door is open!, That's a plus for me)))
Still there is a refrigerator without handles (as you like)
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: some write-not to rearrange the shelves. 
and why should they be rearranged? just a lot of shelves, then rearrange them nowhere in principle)) I think even one away, the extra
In general, I found no flaws)
Comment: Selects between Atlanta (only refrigerators, kot.deshevle) But they all spares Belarus, say not so, well, uncomfortable freezer drawers with a grating creak, freeze, and the beeper when the door is open (so mom, me, this squeaker very irritated)), sometimes buggy, the food just so)) and the door creaked frequently .. 
Also still considered cheap samsung noufrost with the Chinese. (Korean expensive, closer to 30 thousand)
But not taken due to the fact that they have side walls heated prilichno.a us just to the side dining stolik.Shumyat they are stronger and less space in it, unnecessarily Noufrost much space occupies.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Roomy, 2 compressors. 
Danfoss compressors.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: A compressor in my noisy (air compressor from the freezer) when he turns up and running, you can hear it very well. Therefore, no "super-quiet" regarding this refrigerator can not say. 
Afraid to change because
 can easily bring even worse: ( 
So there is a question of luck, as anyone.
No special chips not.
 Just separate temperature control. Regime "Vacation" no. 
Box for vegetables combined, very uncomfortable.
 I do not know who came up with such stupidity. 
Superzamorozka works strangely.
 Her turn on, refrigerator starts to work hard (as in passport not more than 2 days). If he changed his mind or no longer needed, turn off the super-freezing, but the fridge anyway plows these two days continuously.
Comment: With the noise - it's someone as lucky. That's all quiet, but I do not have here. So the label Bosch, this is not the same. Bosch pointed out earlier the maximum allowable noise level (I think the last model where it was stated KGS 39X25). Apparently when Bosch refrigerators began to gather in St. Petersburg, quality declined and chose the Bosch is better to limit the language more veiled than to endure a lot of claims service centers.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Large, quiet, quality of materials and other components.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: I bought exactly what I wanted. Deficiencies can not see.
Comment: His money clearly is.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Silent (and sometimes even go up to check if it works at all), easy to use, roomy, great freezer - excellent and quick freezing foods. 
The fact that a lot of extra bells and whistles - so get them soon)) Some of them even very useful.
Oh, and most importantly for me the dignity of the refrigerator - it's the presence of second compressor!
 ))) A very useful thing. If there is a need to clean or defrost a branch of the refrigerator - the second will continue to work, thanks to its own compressor
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z25: Not identified
Comment: We bought it only after long and careful study of reviews on Yandex Market. And came across this model with the appropriate characteristics to us and with some good reviews, that already gives some assurance of quality from satisfied owners of the refrigerator. 
The whole town is climbed, but this pattern found!
Great fridge!

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Bosch KGV 36Z45 refrigerator review

General characteristics
Type Refrigerator with freezer
Location detached
Location freezer from below
Color silver
Management e
Energy consumption Class A +
Number of compressors 1
Number of Cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x65x185 cm
Defrosting the freezer Manual
Defrosting, refrigerator compartment drip system
Stand-alone cold preservation up to 22 hours
Freezing Capacity 5 kg / cutki
Additional features superohlazhdenie, superzamorozka, temperature display
Total volume 314 l
Cooling chamber volume 223 liters
Freezer Volume 91 l
Other functions and features
Shelves glass
Ability pereveshivaniya doors there is
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: For a long time this was vybiral.Do Nord '98 (never broke). And so, compared with 3 times less electricity consumption. Very tihiy.Udobnye shelves hold fast, easy snimayutsya.Krasivy design.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Remain on the body the marks of supervisor knew about it, so open and close the handles. More defects are not noticed
Comment: On a small inconvenience the bottom drawer, as he first put on the floor easily, and secondly, from him, and so easy to remove if you push and tilt vniz.Naschet pereveshivaniya dverey.Mne came from the service center and a bent back quickly outweighed dveri.Ruchi not stagger, and who wrote about reverse-caps on the handles Capacity, easy to remove and tighten shurupy.Zadny view-all out, so it does not tell you any nedostatok.Eto master, because have direct access to the repair of such holodilnika.A those where everything is closed and zapeneno, in case of leakage-only vykidyvat.Holodilnikom dovolen.Sovetuyu all.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45:-Not a bad design for their dngi 
Well, keep cold
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45:-Rossiyskay assembly
Comment: After purchasing outweighed the door yourself, as I do not frighten the seller that it is not a user process - did it myself for 15 minutes, after reading the instructions. After installation (on level) for a permanent "residence" of the refrigerator was a little disappointed not characteristic rattle on the compressor side. Not believe that foreign refrigerators capable of normal operation to issue similar sounds began to understand. After not clever manipulation of the back wall, namely squeezing the tube (probably the filler) of a metal wire put back fridge. Then the jar was gone. About the most the refrigerator: "Cold" - and does it properly so as it must do a normal refrigerator. Another from him to me I do not need the beer is cooled quickly, the meat in the freezer and quickly turns into a rock)) The only thing that worries is the apparent fragility of the side shelves, they can not fragile but somehow I fear all their load. When compared to the same "Liebherr" and there are shelves where kondovee look ... But the shelves in the fridge there is absolutely no claims, ergonomics at a level climbs and three liter jar and a big pot of soup for a family of two persons with a child is enough space (although depending on who eats like of course))
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Smart design, great color, winning over white.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Probably no flaws, and ordinary Russian imperfection-tubes suitable for the compressor to spew. And generally sloppy rear view. But since this is the rear view, you can not pay attention.
Comment: Before this was Atlanta, but became pink after the heat, last summer. Elected to the number of shelves was not less than the previous one. After turning scored the set temperature after 3 hours. In the freezer 2 large and one small box conveniently removable. Products laid down there, just a day were heavily frozen. But the case for vegetables in the refrigerator is one that is not very convenient. Remove it if it is packed with food, not only out there to pack the vegetables in separate bags, then take out a package, but no box. But the retractable little box is very convenient, there can be put, and cheese and sausage, etc. Metal shelf for bottles, can someone come in handy, but we removed it immediately. Also removed a large stand for the eggs, enough for 2-door.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: It's a miracle did not hear stilnyy.Poradovala carnival that came bundled in a handy =) And then there was a complete rack and eggs but we have removed (it is convenient to put on the table, but it is not what principle the) Everything is very easy to clean and snimaetsya from Inside, my husband really like the stand for bottles =)))
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Lack of it in the freezer drawer there are 2 large enough and there is a third udobnyh.NO that little if chu get it on a little something out of it, not what not to pull out, and if it falls a little more, right now, of course prinaroilas, but still upset! And when you wash it (I mean outside the door) Remain divorce is not large, but as I later learned that all stainless stalyah.I nzhny box of vegetables is divided into three divisions and they are very small so I took off and one peregarodku davolno .
Comment: Actually the model is a good all works fine, and all of the above disadvantages, I believe not very important for this model. 
So I would advise you to friends.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Quiet, very quiet!
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: There are no complaints.
Comment: Finally, truly quiet refrigerator for good money. Thanks for the comments, very helpful when choosing. Buy online store worried about the quality and delivery, but nothing happened. Cheaper came to seven thousand in the store than big ones. The main thing do not include shipping after 8 hours, as advised on the packaging.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Plastic quality, seals do not prilepayut to the door, boxes are put forward at an angle, rich furnishings, not the brand metallic color, really quiet (compare with the LG 409-m and Atlant-th)
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: - handle a little stagger, but it suggests that they should be careful to ... 
- To hang the door, a refrigerator must polazhit.
 Others are in the standing position is outweighed. 
- For the money in LG No Frost, why have not BOSCH-catch?
- The rear wall and the radiator unit.
 Other manufacturers are all hiding. And this looks like a terminator:) Well I was just ... back as it usually can not see! 
- Why so many forms of eggs?
 2 small, one big + on the door of the place. I do not love them enough to give them as much space:) 
Shelf-not like LIBHER-a, in which they are made ​​of hard plastic and move the FIG.
 A bit wobbly and thin plastic. If you use carefully and do not throw in the fridge with beer cans, I think everything will be ok! 
- Backlight is bright, but you can make and LED.
 The second is still popreyatnee and does not require zatran.
Comment: Bought first LG 409-D, black with a display on the door, beige. Vobschem soul in him not chayali. He came, he worked 6 hours and no frost. Returned it to the store. From all that was just like BOSCH. When they brought him home, we do not how many were not disappointed. Fridge looks more stylish, and the quality is much higher, at least visually and by touch. He works in general noiselessly, for whom this is important-drill can not go wrong! Listen to to hear. (Must be sharp)
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Works very, very quiet. Good equipment and the location of the shelves inside the refrigerator.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGV 36Z45: Not yet
Comment: For a long time choosing a refrigerator. My main requirement was to quiet the compressor. Regarded brand Liebherr, because initially aware of this advantage. However, the price I was very surprised, so I decided not to pay for the brand and name. After a short acquaintance with the Internet, I stumbled upon this model. I arranged it! and price and quality. Purchased through int.magazin. In general, I'm satisfied. Good luck!
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Bosch KGS 39Z45 refrigerator review

General characteristics
Type Refrigerator with freezer
Location detached
Location freezer from below
Color silver
Management e
Energy consumption Class A + (343 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 2
Coolant R600a (isobutane)
Number of Cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x65x200 cm
Stand-alone cold preservation up to 22 hours
Freezing Capacity up to 8.5 kg / cutki
Signaling open door - a sound
Additional features superohlazhdenie, superzamorozka, temperature display
Total volume 348 l
Cooling chamber volume 257 l
Freezer Volume 91 l
Other functions and features
Shelves glass
Ability pereveshivaniya doors there is
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: big, long runs
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Poor assembly, doors navesheny crooked, protruding from the handle opening plastic burrs, the organization of internal space aimlessly refrigerator: the mass of unnecessary trays, hangers, bottle and other things but the step shelf support made ​​such that the shelves outweighed "by itself" not, the bottom drawer is not a convenient tray Stinol two smaller ones that are much more practical. And the most important Chinese compressor noise ringing loudly.
Comment: They took this to rave reviews and the brand, and in fact got another "Made Institute rush", which is very sozhaleyu.Ot Bosch label there just so the price, this product can be purchased for significantly smaller amount under a different brand. Especially annoying sound of Chinese compressor - the previous standard of just fifteen Stinol silence (which is now Stinol I do not know). 

Added 02/24/11 fridge broke down three weeks after the purchase, waited for the master of warranty service a couple of weeks.
 The reason for failure - burnt compressor, and a replacement part, wait at least another month or even more. Vobschem what is called "got the full" 

Posted - a month later changed the compressor, the new compressor is absolutely silent, that leaves a noisy or quiet compressor - it's a lottery, how lucky
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: That bought Boche, today brought, looks very nice how it's hard to say.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Very strong smell of plastic in the freezer.
Comment: Can someone tell the owners of this model was whether at the beginning of a strong odor in the freezer? I would be very grateful.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Really very quiet and roomy. I bought a six-foot ... Was pleasantly surprised! Looks very nice. Paint a steel looks SUPER! Doors are outweighed. The temperature is controlled. What else is needed? No fridge - a dream. The whole family happy.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Odors in the freezer ... While not a means of helping even the smell. But they say that a new refrigerator that way.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Design, materials management, equipment.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: For people vyskokih horizontal handles are not comfortable - not a hand reaches out and closing the door already holds - leaving not much noticeable, but the prints. Our ekzmeplyara curve was sliding container - crashed. The service was surprised, but changed under warranty.
Commentary: Noise - not strong, not weak, in absolute silence is heard in the afternoon - almost none. Maybe there is quiet - but this suits me perfectly. 

Design - a great, looks expensive!

Package is good!

Opportunities for interchange deystviteltno neomnogo shelves - but in such a suit as a whole.

If buying again - looked similar to Siemens with vertical handles, if not he would find - would take Bosh.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: quiet, roomy, stylish. The doors closed without the noise that was noticeable when compared to cheaper counterparts, pleases the whole family.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Manual stupid. In some places, noticeable inaccuracies in assembly, but not critical.
Comment: Judging by previous reviews, buy refrigerator compressors with the Chinese is not necessary. The seller at the store said that at the moment are the last batch of compressors from Slovenia, will continue to only China.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: only the design and finish. A big plus, and that the side wall and front are virtually indistinguishable and have a nice metal tone. Not such as in industrial LIEBHERR, and more "home"
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45:
1. By the time much more work than the rest! After a few days of this work is thought dead. The service center said - and this is normal for them! 2. Noise! Come to master, timed noise. Said he was in the range of 45 dB SNIP (we had a 44.3 dB), and hence the type within the sanitary norms in the Russian Federation. I went to the store - none of the refrigerator is no such declaration in the documentation of noise! Maximum of 42 dB and then those where noufrost. Boscha ceiling (he and Siemens), no one could show where it is written on the label side of the refrigerator it is not in the documentation - too.
Comment: taken to the promises of the seller ((In general, would never have taken this fridge anymore, it's not "German quality", they now gather in St. Petersburg. The master, who came from the service center said frankly that the Bosch was the last year to set a very bad compressors. As soon as the warranty is based on - compressors of such an intensity of break, and to have them replace the compressor to drive the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, for all. Originally seriously noisy 3 out of 5. compressors used in a 5-year warranty, and last year was only 2 years. And in a similar type of model are generally put KGV Chinese "crafts", which, when ringing. That being said, do vyvody.V general, if you want to buy a reliable refrigerator - is not it, do not get it. Technical quality - very poor.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: - roomy enough for the whole family 
- Good design, though not in tone knob cover.
- Does not actually contain the "brains" of electronics, which breaks down
- Shelf for bottles 2 bottles.
 It is convenient and takes up little space 
- Good Egg 2.
- Oiler included:)
- Not easily soiled surface, easy to clean
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: - flimsy boxes of fruit 
- I agree with the early withdrawal - and often included long runs.
 This surprised me. 
- I would not say that the quiet.
 The noise annoying, but when the kitchen quietly. When turned on telly or hood, or are actively cooking is not particularly audible. 
- Starts with twitching, like a motor start.
 A minute is a smooth sound. 
- Not a good build.
 Many things come into resonance with the engine. I had to put additional dempferey of rubber, to remove the vibration
Comment: The average refrigerator. Comfortable, beautiful but a soviet it in quality. There is not completed yet, there loose. Do not be guided by the words "supertihy" - will not be disappointed later.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: It looks pretty nice. Roomy for two camera eyes. Write the truth .... almost silent, not to say that it is not audible, but say that it exerts a mild rokotok matorchika not)) freezes well, keeps food in my opinion very well, weeks may be a product and did not spoil, just need to cover, for zavetrivaetsya) A so live your life, there myself slowly thawed and frozen)) Put the temperature of + 4 and order.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: The one and only master, 3 weeks after buying broken ............ Start blinking light freezer, allegedly do not get the set temperature. Repaired under warranty, right at home, the master has changed kauyu a fee and all the rules ... Started creaking door at 6 months of use. Remaining deficiencies are not noticed.
Comment: In general, and general good holodilka ... I recommend to all. But rather for those with a family of more than 2 people. For us it is almost always filled to 1 / 3.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: 1. Really quiet refrigerator, despite the two compressors. My computer makes a noise is stronger, although it has a low-speed coolers. 
 Beautiful design, nothing more. 
 A large amount of the refrigerating chamber. 
 Very economical for its size (304 kWh per year), while in Russia it is not particularly relevant. 
 Completed Slovak compressor Danfoss, unlike the cheaper models Bosch.
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Is that the price is a little cooler for a tall Russian assembly. On the other hand at this price is hard to find worthy competition.
Comment: Those who wrote about the increased noise from the fridge, probably not installed correctly. 
After all the Soviet and Russian dividing this refrigerator just super!
 Do not regret it for wasted money.
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: Features described like this: 
- Good value for the freezing and refrigerating chamber (257/91) as
 We strongly do not need a big freezer; 
- Quiet operation, sound does not bother even if you sit next to;
- Easy management in the style of "minimalism" =)
- Low power consumption;
- Balanced design
- Reputation Brand
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: - little enough opportunity to rearrange the shelves 
- Fruit-piece box of three sections, rather than two separate boxes, it is hard to pull out at maks.zagruzke;
- It is not clear where the missing tone =)
Comment: Refrigerator satisfied 100%, ordered on the Internet for 23 400 p. We went to Compressor Danfoss (Slovenia), yet they say it is a compressor Jiaxipera (China). He was afraid that they will fall, but everything worked out:) use are satisfied 100%
Advantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: roomy, big and comfortable, quiet, nice, do not stain the hands on the doors
Disadvantages of a refrigerator Bosch KGS 39Z45: not found)))
Comment: bought the jelly;), all just super, danfoss motors are quiet, cold better than the street ... for 20 500 - this is the best model, and in the stores cost 50% more! minimum of electronics, which entails the breakdown min
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